A panorama camera can also be held vertically with sometimes stunning results. The thing is that by placing the camera vertically, you not only see the horizon, but also straight up, or sometimes when you hold your camera straight up a big part of the sky. here some examples.

Treescape IV

Graveyard below the church in Limbourg, eastern Belgium. getting them both in frame was no problem at all. Compressing the contrast was a lot more difficult.

the space between
Sonsbeekpark, Arnhem. The Netherlands

When walking in the woods with tall trees, I always get the feeling of walking in a natural church. Before this camera, I could never catch that feeling on film.

Tall Crane

A very disorienting feeling in this straight up shot. as with a lot of these non horizontal panorama shots, the bottom of the picture tells a complete different story from the top.

Treescape II
Sonsbeekpark. Arnhem, The Netherlands

And finally to reset the disorientated feeling a straight horizontal shot.

Horizontal Meditation