There is no camera in my collection with such a huge production as my KMZ Horizont panoramic camera. While browsing through my negatives, there are quite a lot of pages with negatives from this camera. And all taken in about a year. I always struggle to complete a roll in one of my half frame cameras (72 shots on a 35 frame roll of 135 film) I never had that problem with the Horizont. after just 21 shots, the roll is finished and you need to reload.

I shot 2 rolls on that first trip, and I could have done more, but I ran out of rolls and had a big problem finding a place to buy them in Paris. Finally on my last day i foud a shop, about one hour before departure. Oh well, another reason to return there.

sneaky picture of woman making a selfie with a koala mask. Paris spring 2019

One of the first shots in Paris. As the view finder is missing, you just have to point the camera in the direction and guess the field of view. As a golden rule, the best shots are made when the camera is perfectly horizontal as tilting makes the perspective quite strange.

Nanterre I
Tilted up panorama. Nanterre spring 2019

In a later post, I will talk about other modes of operation of this camera.